Nebbiolo is as famous a grape name as one can find in Italy, but It is most notably from Barolo and Barbaresco (Piemonte), where it expresses its brawn and brooding depth. But in the mountains it unfolds its floral and elegant side. In its northern neck of the woods, Valle d’Aosta, it is locally known as Picotendro. Seriously. The success of this grape in both places is due to both the completely different climate influences and soils, but also, the different biotypes of the grape. The Picotendro clone of the grape can ripen more quickly and has a softer tannin profile that requires less concentration of fruit for balance. Similar to Aosta, the Nebbiolos of the Alto Piedmont appellations (Ghemme, Gattinara, Boca, Lessona and Carema) are all very much worth a try.

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