[FRAHP- pā -tow]

The little Sicilian engine that could. It provides the lift and the brightness for Sicily’s only DOCG wine, *Cerasuolo di Vittoria, in which it is always blended with the more dark powerhouse grape, Nero d’Avola. As a single varietal wine, however, it has created a pretty strong little fan club because it is as distinctly recognizable as it is undeniably loveable. It is thin skinned, light colored, high acid, and strawberry fruity – its name may be a corruption of “fruttato” or fruitful. It is a rare example of a grape that is bright in color and ripping with acidity despite its warm Southern Mediterranean native home of Ragusa. In the right spot here in California (Mendocino, perhaps?) Frappato is bound to be an instant superstar.


*A minumum 40% Frappato is blended with Nero d’Avola (maximum 60%) in the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG.

Valle dell Acate / Occhipinti / COS