‘I think Fiano may well be Italy’s greatest native white grape’  – says Ian D’Agata.

Sing it, brother. Historically speaking this grape likely goes back to the days of Pliny. It’s wild to think that it was only as recently as forty years ago, the early 80’s, when Fiano was actually correctly identified and produced as a varietal wine. Credit for this, as with many other landmark moments in Campanian wine, goes to the Mastroberardino family for doing all the groundwork in the vineyards. Their wines are classic benchmark examples, and they have led the way in the selection massale process of these native grapes. The allure of this noble grape variety has definitely reached our shores and there are a handful of thoughtful producers putting some serious love and attention into making great Fiano here in California (See: Unti, Ryme, Giornata…)

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