Aglianico is a hidden treasure that ticks all the boxes for a grape with potential for great, nay, epic wines. It is one of the most special red grapes in all of Italy and is still tragically under known globally when compared to peers like Sangiovese and Nebbiolo. Big names to compare to, clearly, but that is precisely the company Aglianico keeps with regards to Italian wine royalty. The fact is that due to this lack of household recognition, the prices for world class Taurasi (Taurasi = Southern Italy’s Barolo) is still remarkably low. Building a cellar? Buy up now. They age remarkably well and will likely be the wines you drink down the road with friends that shows you know your stuff!

*Campania: Lonardo / Pietracupa / Salvatore Molettieri / Luigi Tecce

*Bascilicata: Musto Carmelitano