As you may know by now, we could preach the Italian Grape Variety gospel everyday of the week, if you’d let us, but at the end of the day it’s the French grapes that continue to be first to mind for California. There are grapes such as Cab Franc and Grenache that are clear favorites in French soils that have not yet made a remarkable impact in California, but through the efforts of some of our favorite producers there is evidence that minds are being changed. 


Specifically when it comes to grape growers, there are more people willing to take a chance at farming these grapes than some of the more ubiquitous common varietal names out there. Then there are fabulous yet underknown grapes like Mondeuse which, although unlikely to move the crop report needle anytime soon, will always be one that any savvy winemaker with a passion for European wine would jump at the chance to work with. 


All three of these grapes have unique flavor components that will and do stand out in a crowd when compared to the other big french names that have long dominated the California vineyards. More winemakers making wines like these, more consumers seeking them out and enjoying them, and that means more growers ready to take the risk to replant. This cycle makes us all winners. 


– Kevin Wardell, October, 2021


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