As described by the current heavyweight champion of Italian grape knowledge Ian D’Agata, Verdicchio is ‘arguably Italy’s greatest native white grape variety.’ We are so on board with this sentiment, but will also freely admit there may be very few folks outside of the Marche region (and perhaps Ian) that have sharpened their Verdicchio palates as deftly as Kevin Wardell has. Separating itself from the confounding world of Trebbiano clones, the high producing workhorse grape found throughout Italy was step one in Verdicchios rise to recognition. It took some work, but, finally, heads have been turned and disciples are free to drink and praise. Can I get an amen?

*Jesi: Coroncino / San Lorenzo / Andrea Felici / Bucci

*Matelica: La Monacesca / Borgo Paglianetto / Collestefano