[pree-yay blahn]

Prié Blanc gets a double gold star for being the oldest native grape in Valle d’Aosta and the very highest planted in Europe. It makes a beautiful sparkling wine as well (third gold star). It is simply that there is not enough of it to go around. Historical records are very thorough in this area and point to one very important fact: Prié Blanc is the only vine that was able to survive the extreme cold temperatures in this far reaching corner of the Aosta Valley. It is as delicate as meadow flowers and crisp as freshly melted snow dew, with piercing acidity and full bodied elegance. Ian d’Agata calls it ‘Italy’s best light-bodied white’- a warranted hyperbole for this brave blanc!

Piero Brunet / Cave de Morgex et la Salle / Ermès Pavese