LLacrima is actually an Italian word you may recognize, meaning tear or tear drop – the grape is so named for its loose shape that can resemble tears. Or because the fragile thin skins of the grape have a tendency to break and let go teardrops of juice. Or is it simply just so good it will bring tears to your eyes? As with many Italian wines and grapes, the explanation is best left to a good story. You pick. There is very little of this grape to be found in the world, and all of it in a small clay hilled region in Le Marche just a few kilometers from the Adriatic Sea. It is not at all easy to grow, but the reward is evident. Seeing the smiling locals filling their damigiana with Lacrima (for like €5) should be enough to get you on board the Marche Madness bandwagon.


Fun Fact: Bergamot Wine Co. is named in honor of Lacrima, which is Kevin’s favorite grape. Wines made from Lacrima carry full floral notes of bergamot and rose petals and Earl Grey tea.

Luigi Giusti / Moretti Campi / Mario Luchetti