The name Greco actually refers to a family of different interrelated grapes, but the one that both receives and deserves the most attention is the Greco grape from Tufo, Campania. Tufo is the town name, the appellation name, and the word for the volcanic soil type made that makes up this area. That volcanic influence is clearly the vital reason why Greco here stands head and shoulders above the rest. It is also a grape that presents a number of growing challenges, so making a great wine from it is clearly limited to those who are first and foremost steadfast in the vineyards. Experimentation with growing it in different soils and climates is certainly appealing, but it remains to be seen if the results can reach anything remotely close to the type of textural beauty that occurs in this very small pocket of Italy. It’s all about the sweet spot.

I Favati / Pietracupa / Benito Ferrara