It’s complicated. There are so many moving parts. Each region is like it’s own little country. Each little country has its own culture. Each culture has its own rules and emphases. Each rule and emphasis involves people. People help deliver specific traits and attributes to the growing of grapes and the making of wine. And this is just the beginning. Complicated, yes. Boring? No.

AAH, Italy.

No, non è necessario parlare italiano per gustare i vini italiani. Ma c’è un punto in cui capire le basi della lingua italiana è un vantaggio utile per la tua curva di apprendimento generale. Come parlare dei tuoi vini preferiti con gli amici, o ordinare vini ai vini in un ristorante. Perché la differenza tra la dura “C” e la doppia “cc” fa davvero o rompe la conversazione.

That is exactly why you are here. Kevin would say Gamay on a Tuesday and a Furmint on a Friday and Sarah would say Nebbiolo every day. What you would say is entirely up to your palate. Don’t know what you like? Join a Club! Serious Wine Smarts start right there.

What are you drinking? We personally like to add enough space to stuff our noses into the glass – so if you’re drinking, say, Grower Champagne, please don’t flute. Go Burgandy!

A very small handful of super smart soil doctors and dedicated farmers are in charge of a heck of a lot of acreage in California. Want to find some Ribolla Gialla? Get in line. Better yet, find someone with the perfect plot and we’ll help you get it planted. Don’t know what the perfect plot is? Now we’re getting to the crux of the conversation… very few folk know the answer to this question. But we’re working hard to help answer it.

There is no easy answer to this. A wine or two from Rebel Grapes does not a Rebel winemaker make. We showcase wineries who present varietally correct examples of Rebel Grapes. We’re here to learn from their hard work and artistry. We sample dozens of wines for each Club package and hundreds of wines for our annual event. Want in the Club? Arrange a tasting sample for Kevin HERE.